How To Breast Massage The Ultimate Guide

Breast Massage tips and techniques


Breast massage is a therapy that addresses a number of breast problems women experience. The problems it solves range from preventing breasts from sagging to the prevention of medical conditions such as accumulation of fluid under the skin, breast pain, sore nipples, blocked milk ducts, compromised lymph ducts and the early detection of changes in the shape and the feel of the breast that may signal early signs of cancer.

There are many breast massage tips women can learn and practice for themselves in the privacy of their own homes, as well as lymphatic breast massage methods a therapist may assist with for the stimulation and continued healthy operation of the lymphatic system.

Self-Breast Massage – How is it Done?

The self breast massage techniques involve light and gentle pressure only and can be equated to the pressure of a piece of paper. Time should be set aside to perform breast self-massage, 2 to 3 times a week for about 5 minutes at a time and can be performed at any time of the day.

What follows are sample breast massage techniques to use:

  • Begin this technique using the hand opposite the breast being massaged (left hand for right breast, and right hand for left breast). Using light pressure and circular movements, massage beginning at the nipples and work out towards the underarm and back again towards nipple and to the breast bone. 
  • Massage using your fingers with gentle, circular movements all around the breast.
  • Use a gentle kneading motion to massage each breast while using gentle pressure and gentle lifting. It is important to use just a light pressure since that is all that is required to help move fluids out of the breast. 
  • Using the flat area of the fingers, make gentle lifting movements starting at the armpits and moving in the direction of the nipple.
  • Perform a very gentle twist of each breast while using both hands, and in a wringing movement
  • With your fingers on your breastbone, locate the grooves between the ribs. Trace these grooves from the breast bone upwards to the collar bone. Trace the grooves back down again to the breast bone and continue downwards until you reach the lower end of the rib cage.


Breast Massage

Breast Massage Tips & Techniques

Lymphatic Breast Massage

In this type of massage the breast is pumped at a very exact pace and direction as the attempt is to simulate the natural movement within the lymphatic system. It is a different technique from the simple but massages but it is not difficult to learn. The technique involves pumping movements of the breast while using light pressure and then releasing the breast again. Each pumping movement and release motion counts as one pump.

Lymphatic breast massage techniques are done as follows:

  • Position the hand opposite the breast being massaged into the armpit and gently press inward and up toward the shoulder. Push the hand deeply into the armpit, then push up and release. Repeat this motion 10 to 20 times.
  • Hold your breast with both hands and lift it upward towards the armpit. Repeat this movement 10 times.
  • Hold the breast and move it towards the breast bone. Repeat this actions 5 times.
  • Use both hands to hold the breast firmly. Push the upper inner quadrant up in the direction of the neck. Repeat this action 5 times.

When following these tips, remember that you cannot pump backward because the lymphatic system has a one way valve in place so you cannot cause yourself harm.

The focus of the movements should be placed on the movement itself and not on the direction. These movements stimulates the natural movement of the lymph system.

Breast Massage Benefits

There are several breast massage benefits to be derived from massage, and they include cosmetic, prevention, therapeutic and health.

  • Cosmetic. Most women are very concerned about the size and shape of their breasts and want to prevent sagging as much as possible. It has been shown that when breasts are regularly massaged, the circulation is stimulated and that helps to maintain healthy breast tissue. 
  • Massage also strengthens the chest muscle tissue, breaks up any benign cysts that may be present, and increases the flexibility of the ligaments. These benefits results in a more attractive bustline because the massage helps prevent sagging and makes the breasts firmer.
  • Prevention. An important aspect of maintaining healthy breasts is staying in touch with changes in the feel and the shape of the breasts. These changes may indicate changes in a woman’s health and early detection of these changes could mean the difference between life and death.

According to the American Cancer Society, as many as 230,480 new cases of invasive types of breast cancer and 39,520 deaths from breast cancer were reported in 2011. Many women have been able to spot early signs of breast cancer through regular and monthly chest massages that revealed developing irregularities in the shape and feel of their breasts.

Reporting these changes to their doctors, often resulted in early detection of breast cancer and steps taken to preserve the health and often the lives of these women.

  • Therapeutic. Proper breast care using massage also provides relief from pain, soreness and swelling. This works well because in the massaging process the gentle soft touch used in the massage provides a soothing analgesic relief of pain from breast scarring, tissue soreness, and relieves tension in ligaments. 
  • Health. The most important of all bust massage benefits is the removal of toxins by the lymphatic system of the body. With regular massage, the lymphatic system is invigorated to drain waste substances out of the breasts and fresh nutrient-filled blood is allowed to flow into the breast tissue.

Without such stimulation to the breast, toxins will build up in the breast preventing healthy circulation and increasing the risk of the development of breast cancer. This health benefit is often referred to as tissue mobilization and is required to maintain optimum health.

Breast Massage for Growth

Breast Massage for GrowthIt has been shown that massaging the breast, not only stimulates the cells and tissues to divide, but it brings about improved texture and tone to the underlying muscles of the breast. When massage is practiced daily, the circulation of blood increases as does the production of prolactin, a hormone created in the pituitary gland and responsible for the production of milk and also for breast development.
Regular massaging of the breast have been shown in studies to regulate the endocrine system of the body and causes the level of cortisol to be reduced significantly. This reduction in cortisol levels results in the increased production of progesterone that is needed for increase in breast size.

Another substance required for the breast growth process is phytoestrogens which, with the increased blood circulation brought about by daily massaging, is now able to travel faster to breast tissue where it is needed.

The American Chronicle has stated that the use of medicated oils in daily breast massaging, is the best way to bring about increase breast size. They acknowledge that when breast massaging is practiced the increased blood circulation it produces, positively affects systems throughout the body and supports the proper nourishment of the breast, thus making them expand and increase their size.

One of the most popular breast massage techniques for breast enhancement is called the Chi breast massage. If it is not possible to practice several massage techniques, then the Chi massage technique should be the one to choose. The movements involved in the Chi massage method are as follows:

  • Put your hands over the breasts
  • While spreading the fingers apart a little, apply a small amount of pressure with the fingertips which are referred to as the chi points
  • Use a circular movement to rotate the breast towards one another. Next move them down and out, away from one another, then upwards and again towards one another. 
  • For comfort during these movements, you may use water during a shower or natural herbal extracts and breast enlargement creams. 
  • These motions complete a full rotation and should be repeated 360 times for 1 to 2 times daily.

This massage technique produces no harmful side effects except for a slight discomfort because of excessive stimulation. Most women will agree that the benefits of these bust massages outweigh the minor discomfort.

Breast care is an essential issue for women because the appearance and the health of the breasts impacts their self-esteem and their overall health in a major way. Massage therapy is a service offered by trained therapists, but if a woman is not comfortable with her therapist she can take the steps to learn the bust massage techniques herself and perform them on her own.

While every woman should consult with her doctor regarding the health of her breasts, the above bust massage tips should provide helpful information to her when she decides to do as much of her own breast care as possible in the privacy of her own home.