How To Self-breast Massage

Breasts! It is one of the most wonderful parts of a woman’s body. Breasts are beautiful, vulnerable, and perky. They are able to define your femininity. They are your private wealth. They always deserve the best attention of yours. Breast massage is the common way to take care of your breast. Many women do not want to let their breasts touch to anyone else. This is the reason many women never go to any massage therapist. Basically, you need not to go to any massage therapist. You can do this task at home! You just need to take maximum advantage of home massage and it is only possible when you will know the ways to do self-breast massage!

Self Breast Massage

Self Breast Massage

Self-Breast Massage Routine For You!

Experiment self breast massage at home. Following are some activities which will help you to know more about self-massage. You will feel comfortable to touch your breasts in an effective way.

  • Use your opposite hand to touch your breasts. For example, use right hand to touch your left breast and vice versa. Start breast massaging with a very light pressure. Use circular strokes from the nipple to the underarm.
  • Move your figure around the breast area. You can do it in a circular motion or in a line motion. Gently knead as well as massage each breast. You need to apply gentle pressure. Do not rub it roughly. Lift your each breast gently. It will help to increase the blood circulation.
  • You can try wringing motion. You have to use your both hands. Twist your breasts gently and after that with your opposite hand gently lift the breast tissues. It will start from underarm toward your nipple. Repeat the step eight to ten times.

That’s it! It is the self-breast exam. It is so easy, isn’t it? If you follow your breast self-breast massage routine regularly, you will be able to notice subtle changes. You will get the result within one month. But it is very important to embark on the path of the best breast health.

Tips about Self Breast Massage

You can use olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil or breast massage cream to massage your breasts. You will feel more comfortable. Just transfer ointment to your own palm as well as rub hands together. Start to follow the steps of breast massage again and repeat the patterns. You can use your thumbs to make frequent short strokes. You can gradually increase the pressure, but it must have to be gentle, not rough.

If you massage your breasts roughly or if you rub it with deep pressure, then there is a slight chance to spread breast cancer. So behave gently with your breast. They are very sensitive.

Self-Breast Exam is very easy to do. Any women can do it at home. Though it is a simple home massage, but you must follow the specific patterns for the proper lymphatic flow. Breast massage is important for all women to ensure their better breasts health.